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Good Karma - Feed Your Soul

We believe community connects everyone & encourages to do the RIGHT THING.

We all are the parts of this moving vehicle taking us towards happiness, health & wealth.

If we can ignite a spark, it leads to light in the world.


When you go out of your way to make the world a little bit better, we do the same to you with 10 X GOOD KARMA POINTS ( worth $10) on us.

Good Karma

Invest in kindness & Earn GOOD KARMA points to redeem for CHAKRA REWARDS.

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    Sign Up for Chakra Rewards

    • Small gestures can have a big impact. So simply give someone a helping hand, lend your ears for easing someone's pain, share wisdom, make someone smile, possibilities are endless....

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    Earn Good Karma Points

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      Redeem Chakra Rewards for Delivery or Take-out orders

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